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Tube Inventory

To support our customers operating boilers in diverse industries and offer quick delivery, we maintain significant stock levels of boiler and heat exchanger tubes of various material grades and specifications. Our expertise in hot and cold bending and welding means we are a one stop centre for all our customer’s boiler maintenance needs.

Common Sizes in Stock
(Outer Diameter)
  • 19.05 mm
  • 25.4mm
  • 38.1mm
  • 50.8mm
  • 63.5mm
  • 76.2mm
  • 101.6mm
Common Material Specifications
  • ASME SA179
  • ASME SA213 Gr T11, T12, T22
  • ASME SA 210 Gr A1
  • BS 3059 Pt 2 Gr 360 / A192 / DIN 17175
  • BS 3059 Pt 2 Gr 620, Gr 622

Any other material not listed


Since our formation in 1988, Tenaga Tiub Sdn Bhd has always been committed to a vision of excellence.

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