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About Us

An Introduction To


Since our formation in 1988, Tenaga Tiub Sdn Bhd has always been committed to a vision of excellence. Today, we have achieved a strong track record in numerous successful EPCC projects, industrial process plant and equipment fabrication and installation as well as engineering product supplies and critical plant maintenance services. We provide specialised and integrated engineering services to a wide spectrum of customers, particularly in water and electric utilities, oil and gas, petrochemical, agro-based and other general industrial facilities.

We are ISO 9001 accredited, and with CIDB G7 and PKK Class A certification, are now ranked among the top tier of contractors in Malaysia with multi disciplinary engineering capabilities. Our pressure vessel fabrication facilities are approved by DOSH and with ASME authorisation to use the S and U stamps including the R stamp from the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors.

Our specialist knowledge and experience in boilers and heat exchangers fabrication, installation and repairs are highly regarded and have already earned us the distinction of preferred contractor/supplier status with several of our major customers in Electric Utilities and Process Plants. We are also an established Design and Build contractor for water and effluent treatment plants including supporting facilities. In addition, we have exported our fabricated pressure vessels to Korea, Canada and the USA, including heat exchangers and boiler pressure parts to our ASEAN neighbours, all of which surpass stringent quality standards.

Our passion to excel continues as we explore new areas and challenges in our business sectors and beyond our borders, in pursuit of our vision, always adhering to our commitment to provide excellence by design and uncompromising quality.



To be a leading Integrated Engineering Business Group with extensive regional presence by 2015, exporting our quality engineered products globally and enhancing our expertise and scope through strategic alliances with world class technology providers and partners.


To progress and excel through consistently exceeding customer expectations and maintaining our reputation for safety, quality, reliability and value. With smart partnerships, continuous improvements and cultivating enduring relationships, we create successful synergistic business entities providing total engineering and technology solutions, construction, fabrication, supplies and plant maintenance services for diverse Industrial and infrastructure facilities.

Values & Culture


Our employees are the company's heart and soul. We are united in the spirit to make a difference to ourselves and to achieve the company's mission. Our dedication, team spirit and drive are borne out of this sense of purpose.


We take pride in our pursuit to provide exceptional service and products, always being proactive rather than reactive. We cherish our company and what it represents as a standard of excellence valued by our customers and respected by our competitors.

Determination & Commitment

With perseverance and determination, we will rise above all challenges by combining our different talents and skills. Our commitment is the energy that keeps us steadfastly focused to achieve extraordinary results through constant improvements.


We are motivated by our passion to succeed, recognising that rewards and career path are dependent on our attitude, work ethics and contribution. The success of our company will also be our very own as each and every one of us who had been diligent will have played a part.


As much as the integrity of the company is critical for long term success, it is vital for us to be honest, sincere, and responsible, to cultivate a working environment based on professionalism, trust and respect as we build careers within our own vibrant enterprise which nurtures and sustains us.

Value Creation

As individuals and as a company, we need to consistently bring value to what we do through conscientious effort and thought. This includes doing our best always and raising our own standards. Value creation multiplies with teamwork and enables us to build enduring relationships with our customers based on trust in our competence.


To look at ourselves objectively when things go wrong, to take responsibility for failure, to attempt new methods, to pursue our dreams, to reach for the stars. We will have such courage which spawns creativity and innovation for us to adapt and thrive as business and economic scenarios evolve.


In our quest to be successful, we must remember that the trait of compassion and empathy is what makes us human. We will reflect this by helping the less fortunate and contribute within our own ability, to try and make a difference to the society and the world we live in.


Sectors & Industries

We are directly involved and active in the following industries:
Power Stations
Steel Mills
Water Treatment Plants
Oil Refineries
Paper Mills
Palm Oil Mills
Food Industry
Sugar Mills
Chemical & Petrochemical Plants
Fertiliser Plants
Saw Mills & Plywood Mills
Biomass Power Generation Plants
Medium Density Fibreboard Plants
Gas Terminals
Gas Processing Plants
Effluent Treatment Plants
Oleochemical Plants
Biodiesel Plants
Cement Plants

Our Workshop

Our workshop is strategically located in Nilai Industrial park which is 40 minutes drive south of the capital city of Kuala Lumpur and 30 minutes from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). It is located in the vicinity of Nilai Inland Port and 45 minutes from Port Klang. All these roads leading to our workshop are major highways which are of world standard making the logistics of shipping and transportation very easy and convenient.

Our workshop is on a 2.2acre site and has a built-up area of 4,300 square meters. We have an adjacent plot of another 2.2acres for storage and open yard fabrication.

The covered workshop has two bays with a head clearance of 8 meters high and is equipped with facilities suitable for most types of engineering and fabrication works particularly geared towards the construction of pressure vessels, heat exchangers and boiler pressure parts. Major equipment includes:

  • 2 overhead cranes
  • 2 plate bending/rolling machines
  • 5 Tube/pipe bending machines
  • 50/100T Hydraulic presses
    Swaging machines
  • Column and boom welding sets
  • 30/60T Manipulators and rotators
  • Hydraulic/pneumatic tools, tube expanders
  • 2 furnaces for hot bending of tubes
The management

Our Team

Our passion to excel continues as we explore new areas and challenges in our business sectors and beyond our borders.

Brig. Gen. (R) Dato’ Ir. Arif Awang


- Management Programme, Harvard Graduate Business School
- MSc Aircraft Design, Cranfield University, U.K.
Ir. Yeng Fook Chek

Managing Director

BSc (First Class Honours) Mechanical Engineering, Birmingham University, U.K. MBA City University Business School

Yeng Fook Joon

Executive Director

BSc (Hons) Mechanical Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Yeng Fook Han


BA Business Studies, Cheng Chi University, Taiwan
Dato’ Seri Wan Fadzir Bin Wan Hussain


(Orang Kaya Temenggong Paduka Raja, Perak Darul Ridzuan)

Master Degree of Education, University of Texas, Austin

Maj. Gen. (R) Datuk Dr Nordin Yusof


Doctor Philosophy in Management/Defense Studies, Saint Regis University, U.S.A.

Ir. Lim Boon Yoke

Project Director

B. Eng.University Malaya (First Class Honours)



Since our formation in 1988, Tenaga Tiub Sdn Bhd has always been committed to a vision of excellence.

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