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Industrial Plant

Tenaga Tiub has a proven track record in the provision of total industrial plant system or sub system engineering integration solutions and has undertaken many such installations on a turnkey (EPCC) basis. These projects are in the water, power, oil and gas, petrochemical and agro industries.

We have the capacity to operate as a general contractor entrusted with overall project responsibility as a result of:

  • Our experience based project management team consisting of qualified and dedicated engineers and staff with proven capabilities in all project phases including engineering and design, procurement and logistics, construction, equipment erection, plant testing and commissioning.
  • Own specialists and facilities in core areas of welding, fabrication and construction expertise.
  • Network of associated engineering companies with whom we have strategic alliances to work as partners to offer the very best service at very competitive prices.
  • In depth knowledge of local engineering capabilities to provide comprehensive solution for customer requirements in turnkey projects covering local services for mechanical, electrical and civil engineering.

We intend to maintain and extend a leading position in our field of work by:

  • Intensively working to optimise our organisational structure, operations and systems to benefit from opportunities for improvement.
  • Providing a conducive corporate culture to nurture and motivate our staff by promoting open mindedness, flexibility, healthy work ethics and a desire to achieve, characterised by team spirit and perseverance.
  • Establishing a fair and professional relationship with our business partners and suppliers.
  • Ensuring a single minded purpose to view customer requirements and problems as our personal concern and to provide a service that customers can rely on at competitive cost with focused commitment.
  • Continuously striving to update and expand our knowledge, expertise and services by forging strategic alliances and cooperation with the acknowledged best in the particular industry.


Since our formation in 1988, Tenaga Tiub Sdn Bhd has always been committed to a vision of excellence.

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