MONDAY, MARCH 08, 2021



PROJECT : Replacement Of Superheater Tubes and Generating Tube Panels (Finned Tubes) ForWaste Heat Boiler F4-761 At GPP4, Petronas Gas Berhad, Kerteh
PROJECT : Replacement of Generating Tube Panels For Waste Heat Boiler F4-771At GPP4, Petronas Gas Berhad, Kerteh
PROJECT : Replacement Of 400 Nos Finned / Bare Tubes Of Sidewall, Rearwall, Furnace Tubes For Auxiliary Boiler F3-791 At GPP3, Petronas Gas Berhad, Kerteh
PROJECT : Supply And Fabrication Of Superheater To TNBG Perai Power Station
PROJECT : Supply, Fabrication And Installation Of 22 Panels Of Spaced And Hanger Platen Superheater Tubes For TNBG Prai Power Station 120 MW X 126 Barg Bharat Utility Boiler
PROJECT : Supply, Fabrication And Replacement of Upper Reheater Tubes SA 213 T22 Material for TNBG Kapar Power Station’s Unit 3 IHI Boiler 300MW x 192 Barg
PROJECT : Material Degradation Study For The Critical Waste Heat Boiler Components And The Life Assessment Technology Development TNB 58/2000
PROJECT : Replacement Work For HP Heater #7 Unit 1, TNBG Kapar Power Station, Klang
PROJECT : Construction Of Underground Piping Works For BASF Integrated Chemical Site (ICS), Gebeng Industrial Estate, Phase III, Kuantan, Pahang
PROJECT : Installation, Testing and Commissioning of CW Pumps for Paka Power Station
PROJECT : 80TPH Boiler Erection Works for Sugar Mill