MONDAY, MARCH 08, 2021



PROJECT : Rancangan Bekalan Air Triang
Pakej 1 – Membina & Menyiapkan Loji Baru DanKerja-kerja Berkaitan Di Triang, Bera, Pahang
Project Description : The construction of Phase III Triang water treatment plant, located in the district of Bera, Pahang when completed will be supplying 55,000m3/day of potable water to the district of Bera and the neighboring areas.

Tenaga Tiub is the Process and M & E contractor for this project, in partnership with Ireka Engineering & Construction Sdn Bhd, the main contractor and civil contractor for this project.

Tenaga Tiub's scope of work includes design and supply of chemicals dosing facilities, installation of raw water and treated water pumping station, electrical works including control and instrumentation works.

Pumping Station
Chemical Dosing
Sand Ejector Pump
Treatment Plant