MONDAY, MARCH 08, 2021



PROJECT : Kuala Langat Power Station, HRSG B16 Performance Improvement Project, Malaysia
Project Description : The HRSG (Alstom-CE Design) located at the paper mill is coupled to one GE Fr5 and one GE Fr6 gas turbine. The upgrade would increase the superheated steam flow capacity by 3 kg/s.

Tenaga Tiub was the sub-contractor responsible for fabrication, supply and installation of a new desuperheater, steam separators, pipe hangers, bellows, safety valves, process control valves, electrical works, and process control & instrumentation system. The engineering design and commissioning was undertaken by Alstom Power (Australia).

Steam separators
Interstage desuperheater with control valves
HP feed water piping
New expansion bellows