MONDAY, MARCH 08, 2021



PROJECT : Unit 4 Boiler Rehabilitation Project, TNBG Kapar Power Station
Project Description : Rehabilitation Work for one (1) unit 300MW IHI boiler.  The scope involved tube bending, panel fabrication and site erection works for superheaters (20 panels), outlet re-heaters (500 panels) and one outlet steam header (20 tons).  The re-heater tubes were fabricated, acid washed, steam cleaned and painted at our factory in Nilai.  The re-heater outlet header was supplied by the OEM.  A 100% radiographic test was conducted on all weld joints.  IHI was the OEM of the boiler and they provided engineering and technical supervision for the project.
Boiler Size : 300MW X 192Barg, IHI Utility Boiler, Unit 4
Installing the new Re-heater header
Installing the new re-heater tube panels
Removing of old re-heater outlet header
Re-heater tube panels ready for delivery