MONDAY, MARCH 08, 2021


Diamond Power International, Inc.

Diamond Power’s core business has been, and is today, power specialties. Simple boiler cleaners were the earliest products in 1903, and today's principle product line is still boiler cleaning systems. Much more elaborate and sophisticated now, they still serve the same purpose - keeping boilers operating at peak efficiency. Water level gauges and viewing systems also continue to be important product offerings...

Power Plant Engineering

Power Plant Engineering was formed in 2003 in response to demand for an independent, responsive and professional engineering resource to serve the worldwide power generation industry. Power plants rely on a range of specialised heat transfer equipment to maintain fuel efficiency and plant availability, including Feedwater heaters, Surface condensers & Component and Auxiliary Cooling Water Exchangers.

Power Plant Engineering has the relevant skills and experience to offer a comprehensive range of services with respect to all unfired heat exchangers used in nuclear, fossil fuel and combined cycle power plants.